Saturday, January 28, 2012

crafting in TN

had some time to craft with my friend Cass in TN a few weeks ago and I'm just getting around to posting  these cards I made while I was there.  This was her stamp set that I used for a friend's birthday card.
this is the inside of the card
A pretty simple card I made for my father-in-laws birthday, he loves golf
.This card is simple too, but I like it, I got to use this pretty green textured paper and some pink magic mesh.

 Hopefully I will have more posts soon, I am going to be working on a baby book for a friend soon.

the rest of the robot party

Here are some pictures from Jack's 5th birthday party, it was a robot party.
Here is the robot cake I made using the video tutorial from the Betty Crocker website.  The lady on the video makes it look so easy, LOL, it wasn't for me, so I think it will be the last themed cake I try.

used Jack's stuffed robot as decoration.

the goody bags, I decorated.
the goodies inside the bag

leftover candies form making the cake that I set out for the kids and cake pops that a local baker made.
robot pinata and we had a craft table too, but didn't get pics of the craft table, it was in December, so we cleaned out the garage and let the kids play corn hole and kick balls and play with scooters. This is Jack's friend Noah taking a whack at the robot.

Birthday boy, Jack, blowing out the candles.