Sunday, June 28, 2015

Another week off of work

Another  week off of work and we went camping  at Defeated  Creek on Cordell Hull Lake in Carthage, TN. We had a blast. Lots of swimming  , hiking , biking and eating yummy food. At the end of the trip I got to go to Beech Bend with Jen and her nephew. She took me to Shogun Bistro for my birthday.  It's  a little tricky  to order gluten free sushi , but I did it and I brought  my own  gf soy sauce. I have to go back to work tomorrow, so I have spent  my last  day off reading , walking at the park, biking and spending  time with  Jack. We celebrated  my birthday  early and Jason made me yummy breakfast this morning.  It has been a nice , fun , adventurous  yet still relaxing week off from work. I have  had a ton of fun but I am ready to go back to work.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Father's Day and crafts

With  father's  day coming up and wanting to keep  Jack from electronics as much as possible this summer , we had a whole craft day.  We tried the bic or sharpie marker baked coffee mug. It was pretty easy. Got a cheap mug at Dollar tree decorated  it with stickers  then Jack colored the mug with markers , we let it dry then pulled the stickers off. We baked it at 350 for 30 minutes. It turned  out pretty cute and Jack did it all himself. Some of my favorite  gifts I have ever  received  have been made by Jack.
We printed  off a Dad questionaire thay we found on pinterest , then he colored some pages from the library.  Then  we finished his present with  Dad's  favorite  snack  , ranch flavored sunflower seeds.
Jack and I also worked on our July 4th shirts with this dye kit that we got at Dollar tree too. The shirts  looked awesome  until they were washed. All the blue came out but the red was still there. They kind of look bloody now. Well you win some and lose some from the dollar tree ,  I guess. I think we will try the permanent  marker and alcohol method to try and fix them with blue firework bursts. A perfect end to a perfect day. We curled up on the hammock with  the citronella  tiki torch lit and read a while then Jack wanted to hear my funny camping  stories from childhood ,  since we are going camping  soon.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fun Day Friday

We went hiking  with  some friends  from the homeschool  P.E. group to Mammoth Cave. We explored  the streams and blue holes. It was so much fun. We even saw 2 deer and 2 wild turkey. 

Then we went to an awesome  Hot Rod's  game and 12 innings later the Hot  Rod's  lose by one run but it was an exciting  game. I got to see the Rockerz dance  not once but twice,  watch  the kids  play and I got to see fireworks.  

Friday, June 5, 2015

Week off from work

I had a week off from work because my bosses were on vacation. What do u do when you want to take your son to do fun stuff and you want to give your  husband a break from your son and you don't  have a lot of money. Well you go to your Mom's  house and explore cool things to do for free where she lives. We headed to Burgess falls  first then cummins falls which was not planned but we saw the  signs for it on the way back to her house.  The next day we went to Defeated creek swim beach to scout camping sites for the end of the month.  We narrowed it down to two sites that  we liked and let  Jack choose  between the two. He picked the one away from the lake and closest to the playground  and bathhouse.  Shocker!

I finished up my week off from work by taking him to the summer reading  kick off , swimming with cousins , 2 baseball tournament games and Beech Bend. Today is Sunday , I go back to work tomorrow  and I am doing  absolutely  nothing. Well , I put all the laundry up and did dishes ,  but now nothing but reading and relaxing  for the rest of the day. 

Trying new recipes

Sometimes it's hard to eat gluten free when you are dieting  because  you packed on weight  eating too many gluten free desserts.  The gluten free desserts have like zero protein and double the carbs.  I have discovered  my new favorite  sweet  treat. Cut up apples with  2 Tbsp of melted peanut  butter and a few chocolate  chips  sprinkled  on top. It's  got fiber and protein and under 300 calories.

I was working  as a job coach with my sister in law Cathy when she volunteered  to work in the Hot Rod's gift shop. I was worried that I  wouldn't  be able to find anything  to eat there.  I had loaded nachos.  I couldn't  have the meat or rice but I had nachos with black beans, and lots of veggies. They were  yummy.