Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bang Crash Boom

This day started out amazing with a Lowe's build and grow monster truck with Jack and my nephew Aiden.  We ran errands , then ate McDonald's , then playing  with Legos  at the library while I look for books. After I dropped Aiden off , Jason  and I took Maya for a long walk and picked up trash along the way.  It amazes me how much people still litter and how  the wind carries the trash everywhere.  Then I was able to take a nap.

Then I picked up my friend Becky  at her house and her daughter's friends  Mom backed into me.oh well nothing I can do about it , so we exchanged info and we went on to a delicious meal at Outback. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Nana getaway

Jack and I went to my Mom's  for the weekend and we had a blast . It started off with beautiful flowers  from Jason for the journey then we played on their gator utility vehicle, I drove it around and gathered fallen branches and limbs for fire wood. We played with dogs. I was abke to relax ,color and read. I even took a couple  of naps. Grandad took Jack with him to run errands and Nana and I made essential  oils lotions and rubs. We watched fun Disney nature movies and ate delicious  food. Grandad taught Jack how to whittle. We came home and we had been missed terribly and all the laundry was done. I need to go away mire often. Haha. It was a great and relaxing time.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day

Yesterday I attempted to make some essential oil lotion with cacao butter and coconut oil. It did not turn out so well but my Mom is going to help me perfect it next weekend. We made some yummy deer meat burgers last night with ranch seasoning  and Worcester sauce and had family game night.  We played Star Wars Monopoly, Rock em Sock em Robots and scrabble.  Today we are having leftover burgers. It snowed again. I liked to look at it but not be out in it. I started my day by cleaning  the house ,putting away the dishes and putting  away the laundry then walking for 2.5 miles on the treadmill while I watched a sappy Hallmark Valentine movie followed by coloring , reading , watching the snow and building Legos with Jack while watching  a Charlie Brown's  Valentine's special.  Now we are patiently waiting for the new episode  of The Walking Dead. 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Skating and family

What a fun day yesterday.  We went ice skating with one of the homeschool groups , Grandpa Steve watched us and then we had a nice  walk through Centennial  park and lunch at PF Changs. Then a Starbucks run and a visit to my friends place and to see her precious  baby girl ,  Isabelle.  Then a long drive to my Mom's  for a weekend sleepover. We stayed up  late  and had lots of laughs.

Today Grandad took Jack to a storage wars type auction and my Mom and I went to an essential  oils class and I got a free movie rental code  and was able to relax at my Mom's and watch The Last Witch Hunter . I caught up on my coloring  and reading  too.