Saturday, January 28, 2017

Super Saturday's

I'm so proud of Jack
He has stepped  out of his comfort zone and has signed  up for a STEM-TASTIC Breakout class at WKU. Here is the description:Can you and your team successfully put your heads together to solve a series of scientific and mathematical mysteries in order to "break out" before times runs out? You’ll need problem-solving skills, creativity, and lots of tenacity to work your way through the tricky clues, brain-bending codes, and daring experiments in order to escape!

He was excited. I can't  wait to see how the class went. Cathy and I went to eat lunch at Chili's then to walk track at a Church while Jack was in class.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Winter fun

We have done some fun things  this winter since the weather hasn't  been so bad. Jack and I always have a blast at the monster truck show. We have been having lots of family  game nights.  My fellas are super competitive with each other . Jack and I also finished our winter reading logs and celebrated with new books,dvd's and cd's from the library,and we played Legos and picked up some crafts at the craft table. I made an oragami bookmark while Cathy was reading her story  from speech class to me,then we worked on math,not her favorite, but she gets  it done. I went to the Bunco dirty Santa party and then a few weeks later a Bunco party, so fun to eat,drink,chat and play a game with the girls.  Jack graduated from white belt to yellow belt in kungfu. He was so proud and we were too.  He went to his friend's swim party at the Preston center on WKU campus too. He loves that campus. He can't  wait for his STEM-TASTIC class to  start soon. This will be his first WKU Super Saturday's classes for talented and gifted kids. This kid amazes  me every day. You always worry that  you are failing as a parent and/or homeschool parent,but when he knows  things that a 4th grader shouldn't  know yet but does,it makes me happy.  He has even started asking me if he can read over the required 20 minutes per day and to do extra science and Spanish.  He wowed my Mom this past  weekend  when he beat her at the game Hangman and with the word plasma. Then he went on to tell Nana that plasma is the 4th element of matter. I'm  so proud of him. He also did real well during Star Science Camp at the library and few weeks ago. 

Lastly,it is hard to find clothes for my size,I'm at the cusp of being plus size.  12 is too small and 14 is sometimes too big. Thank goodness A-line and baby doll clothing made a comeback and it doesn't  look like leggings and boots are going  anywhere. I love  this online store called the Mint Julip Boutique and I get  a lot of my clothes there.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

New Years trip

Jack and I went to the Wilderness at the Smokies in door waterpark. We had a lot of fun. We played on the dry stuff the first day. Jack climbed the ropes course and played laser tag.the second day we drove into Gatlinburg and went to the Aquarium then ate at Golden Corral. Then we swam the night away. The 3rd day,we didn't leave the resort. We had a fridge and microwave in the room and brought  plenty to eat. We played and swam all day. It just happened to be New Year's Eve and they had a DJ and a party as well. Jack made a few friends, so I was able to relax,color and read. We left on New Year's Day. The resort was really crowded but we had a fun trip.