Saturday, May 30, 2015

Wrapping up 2nd grade

My son's  garden that he planted had daisies  starting  to come up.  The next day they were  gone. I don't  know if it's the bunnies, moles or squirrels. Grr

True to form Jack begged for some science experiments on his  last day of school. We did the hard boiled egg being sucked into  a bottle experiment.  It happened so quick that  I didn't  get a picture of it actually  happening.  We made an egg float  with salt and he wanted  to make the lava lamp too.
I had printed up some cute  awards  for  his last day too. Jack received  the super  scientist award  and the history  buff award.  Those  are his favorite subjects.  He enjoys geography  and math as well. He had a baseball  game then on to Chaney's  Dairy Barn for ice cream  and a movie.  Then my niece, Cynthia graduated from high school.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial weekend

We started off the long weekend with PE group  , an exciting  baseball game and Nana sleeping over at our house. Unortunately, Nana parked in the way of our  garage and we were  in a hurry for Jack's  game and I didn't  look as I was backing up cause nobody ever parks there  and SMASH ! Fender  Bender.  Both cars are drivable so I'm  just gonna save up to get them  fixed.
On a happier  note , we spent not one but two fun filled days  at Beech Bend. I do believe we are going to really enjoy these season  passes. I grilled  out steaks  and barbecue  chicken. I have enjoyed the beautiful  weather and spending  lots of time with my family.  I have also enjoyed reading  in my hammock and the wonderful  sweet smell of honeysuckle.
Tomorrow  is Memorial  Day and I will spend more time with friend's and family.  I am thankful  and greatful for all the soldier's  that have fought for this country.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

I had a nice and relaxing Mother's Day.  Jason  did the dishes and the laundry ,drove to my Mom's , got my plate of food for me , massaged my feet and drove all the way back. I was even able to take a 2 hour  nap. My allergies ,sciatica and arthritis had been bothering me. So a day of relaxation  and rest is definitely  what I needed.
At my Mom's , my brother cooked and  my stepfather  did the dishes . Jack was on his best behavior  and I got to spend some time cuddling  with my brother's  sweet doggie Daisy.
I received a hammock and hammock stand and new house shoes from Jason , My Mom and I exchanged plants for each other  and Jack made a few crafts for me.
He colored a pretty picture , made a card with  glitter  , made a bookmark  and a plant decoration for a pot. He picked out  all the rocks and painted  them himself  then he had his Nana's  help  gluing it all together. It was a wonderful day , I even got to take home a plate of leftovers  and the last piece of gluten free cheesecake.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Beautiful Spring so far

What  a beautiful  spring. We love being  outside. We have  gone to several  parks , camped outside  and gone  to Beech Bend.  My flowers  have been doing great  too.  I hope  we have more incredible  weather , after  this bad winter I am not going to waste the pretty  days.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Seed germination

We took a glass  and put a wet paper towel in it then put a few great northern beans (we didn't  have any lima beans) between the glass and the paper  towel  then put it on the window seal for sunlight.  The first photo shows the several experiments we did , the second photo  is after 2 days . The photos  are in order of days. The last photo  is after 6 days. Jack really liked this experiment, he loved how he could  see all the different  parts of a seed on the last day.