Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

I had a nice and relaxing Mother's Day.  Jason  did the dishes and the laundry ,drove to my Mom's , got my plate of food for me , massaged my feet and drove all the way back. I was even able to take a 2 hour  nap. My allergies ,sciatica and arthritis had been bothering me. So a day of relaxation  and rest is definitely  what I needed.
At my Mom's , my brother cooked and  my stepfather  did the dishes . Jack was on his best behavior  and I got to spend some time cuddling  with my brother's  sweet doggie Daisy.
I received a hammock and hammock stand and new house shoes from Jason , My Mom and I exchanged plants for each other  and Jack made a few crafts for me.
He colored a pretty picture , made a card with  glitter  , made a bookmark  and a plant decoration for a pot. He picked out  all the rocks and painted  them himself  then he had his Nana's  help  gluing it all together. It was a wonderful day , I even got to take home a plate of leftovers  and the last piece of gluten free cheesecake.

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