Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas time

We had a great Christmas . We opened  up presents on Christmas  morning then went to my in-laws for breakfast. Jack loved everything he got but his top 4 presents were the star wars  body pillow ,   Minecraft  Legos , blue tooth speaker, and book of kid's  jokes. We spent the night at my Mom's and played lots of games too. We even played Pie Face. The weather  was absolutely  beautiful  too.

Beautiful weather

The weather has been amazing and in the 70's. I could  have done without the rain but it's been nice. I rested between parties.  We made snowman pancakes , colored  and read in the hammock with the dog. Nice ways to relax.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Lots of holiday fun

We have been to several fun parties within the last week. Three parties actually.  The first was with  Jack's  homeschool group.  She had some fun games for the kids to play and the adults  joined in to. One was trying to get the Rudolph nose on a string to stick on your nose with vaseline. I thought the kids were going to get whiplash.

I had a few  of the kids that were  at Jack's  birthday  party  send me pictures of them doing some of the science experiments that were in their goody bags. They all seemed to love the experiments.  Jack liked the Ivory soap in the microwave too.

I had gone  to another  party  with my brother  and sister  in law. There  were games and silly masks involved. 

Then we had a family  cousin dirty santa party which  was a lot of fun . I can't  believe how warm the weather has been.  The kids played outside  most of the time. 

I'm  all partied out with a party Friday, Saturday and Tuesday.  I rested  until Christmas  day. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Birthday boy

Jack had an amazing Mad Scientist Party. The theme was a big hit with all the boys . First they put on their lab coats and safety goggles then we went into the color  changing milk experiment.  Then we made balloons inflate with baking soda and vinegar. We attempted to make bouncy  balls  and that  was an epic fail. The last experiment  was elephant toothpaste which was pretty awesome. The yeast I had was about 2 yrs old so there was a delayed reaction but it still worked. Three out of four experiments working isn't  bad. Then we had pizza and running around outside.  Did I mention it was December  12th and 72 degrees outside?  Well it was beautiful. Then presents and cake. It was awesome.  I sent home a science kit with each child and I have received  some pictures of the kids trying their experiments  at home which warms my heart.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Fun day Friday

Thursday Grandma took Jack out to breakfast  and got him a Minecraft  poster.  I had my office Christmas  party and got a beautiful  angel candle holder which Jack thought  was for him and he even picked out the place he wanted to put it. Then my coworker Amy, who always remembers  Jack brought  him  a Lego set which he loved  and immediately  put together.
Friday we still had school even though we had a lot of errands  to run. That's  the beauty  of homeschool :workbook pages , educational  apps ,quizzing  spelling  words and times tables while driving.  One of the errands included picking out his free birthday  treat at the Barnes and Noble cafe. Then he picked out his own birthday  cake. We went to Toys r Us where he got a balloon and spent his gift card and 3.00 free card from Geoffrey ' s birthday  club. After the all the errands and our school day was over , we played Jack's  new video game while the dog went after the balloon. She either loves them or hates them, we haven't  decided.  I cuddled and calmed her down. The weather has been beautiful and 73 degrees.