Sunday, December 6, 2015

Birthday Prep

Jack wanted a science  experiment  birthday this year  and I scoured Pinterest for several ideas.  This one blog in particular  was amazing and she had a printable science notebook on her blog. This was very helpful.  I didn't  print  the whole thing , there were a couple  of experiments  that  I left off , so I just printed the pages that I was going to send home.  In the goody bags were a folder , all the notebook pages for the science  notebook  in the folder and several things they would need for the experiments , such as: baking soda , balloons , pennies, food coloring, zip lock bags , ivory soap, Alka seltzer, m&ms, a bottle of water and a new cool pencil.
This is the link to the blog.

I also  ordered  some cheap paper lab coats online. I couldn't  find kids  sizes so I got adults size small. I also ordered some cheap safety glasses for the kiddos. It is coming along nicely  and I have finalized the experiments  we will do at the party. 

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