Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Science Saturday with Seeds

I'm  so glad that Jack loves science  and experiments.  It's  hard trying to find new ones that interest him.  We are trying to get Jack more active and keep  him busy with less video games and more hands on type  stuff. He wanted  to help  me plant my flowers and he was asking a lot  of questions  about seeds and plants. So we planted and did a few experiments. 

We put stalks of lettuce in colored water to see how plants take in water.  We isolated an avacado  pit , cut open beans  to look at the seed coat , looked at several different  types  of seeds and compared  them and the germination  bean experiment. We will check back on the germination  experiment  and the avacado  pit after  a week or two. We also put socks on over our shoes and walked I'm the tall grass by the trees , then took the socks off and shook them over paper, so we could see the seeds. We did this  after reading a book about how seeds travel.

 It was such a beautiful day and the rain held off. We went for a walk  and enjoyed reading time in the hammock. This is the first time I have had success  with planting in the ground and not just I'm a pot. Our sunflowers are starting to come up. I got my first bloom of the season  from the perennial clematis, it is the first time I have ever had a perennial come back. Yay

Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring Fever

What a crazy busy past two weeks. Jack had his jamboree  game then we explored  and hiked a little  at Lost River Cave.  We had to take some silly pictures , of course.  We practiced riding our bikes. We planted our seeds and the dog kept laying on the fresh soil , I guess it was cool in the shade. Jack painted some mini flower pots  for a little Mother's  Day gift  for the Grandma's.
We went to the library and it was dress like your favorite  super  hero day. Jack was Star  Lord from Guardians  of the Galaxy.  The librarian had several  fun activities at different tables set up  , but of course  Jack went after the Legos.  We went to Lost River cave again and went geocaching, we got a little  wet and muddy , but we found 4 out of 7 caches.

My BFF visited  me and we went to a bookfest. We met Diana Galbadon, author of the Outlander series and had our books autographed. It was a short but fun visit.
Then last night Jack  and I went to dinner then this really cool , free , interactive show at the planetarium.  The show  was about light frequency and temperature  and infrared. They had a really cool infrared  camera and we did a science  experiment  with an ice cube.
I'm  constantly  busy , but I love it.  I love  exploring and I'm so glad that my son does too. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Easter 2015

As a science  experiment  before Easter we dyed our eggs using household  items. We had a little kitchen chemistry. Then a scavenger  hunt , Easter celebration  and bunny cake at Nana's. Followed by some relaxing in the  hammock  Maya and a good book.

The household items we used  and mixed with  vinegar  was : tumeric , paprika , blue berries , orange, cherry pie filling  and instant  coffee.