Sunday, November 20, 2016

Busy November, Beautiful Weather

We have been busy getting out , exploring,enjoying the sunshine. I did another BG Paint N Sip class with Christi.  This will be my Mom's Christmas present.  We usually have a dirty Santa type thing at my Mom's house but then my Mom and I usually make each other something.She is making me flannel and felt coasters and I painted this snowy painting for her. She loved the kitty on a pumpkin class I did and wanted me to paint one for her for a present too. I didn't  have the exact colors that Christi used or the nice paint brushes,but I think it looks pretty  good.
     Jack has started kungfu and was nervous at first but loves it now. He comes home and likes to try out his new moves on us.
   I'm so glad this election is over. I voted and all but this was a horrible election. Enough said on that topic.
   Jason took Jack to the Patton museum on Veteran's Day.  While they were gone I had lunch,went shopping and went to the salt cave with a friend. They had a blast and I did too.

    We had  fun playing pokemon go at Lost River Cave and playing with homeschool friends . Jack  even looked at specimens through the microscopes and learned some plant identification at the trader's post. 

    The next day we saw a cool show about stars at the Hardin planetarium , then we played pokemon  go and walked around WKU .  Western's campus is so different since I was  a student there . 

   We went to the library Friday so Jack could work on a research paper. He aces almost all subjects except for English. He loves spelling,vocabulary and reading. He absolutely  hates writing and sentence structure. I'm proud that he looked up and found a book on his topic all on his own,but he practically plagiarized the first draft,so we had to discuss brainstorming ideas on subjects and making the paper  about one idea rather than several jumbled up things. He didn't  have a fit ,throw his papers or give up. He narrowed down his topic from dogs to German Shepherds and more specifically how they are easily trained and what types  of jobs they do for farmers,the military and the police. Yay. I call that a success. So I took him to Starbucks for a cakepop. Then I went home and took the dog for a walk and read in the hammock while he finished his Math and Social Studies. I tried to be outside that day as much as possible  because it was 80 degrees , the next day it turned cold and was 50 degrees.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Halloween at Jelly Stone

For our 5th year in a row we have come up to Jelly Stone  campground in Cave City. We see the same friends every year and we love this place. We play board games,go on hayrides rides,pick,painted and carved pumpkins ,jumped on the jump pillow,went through a corn maze with friends, went trick or treating,passed out candy and played bingo. The weather was absolutely beautiful. It was in the 80's during the day and the 50's at night. Then on Halloween  night  which was on a Monday this year,Jack went trick or treating with his local  friends the we went to krispy kreme for  his free donut. What a fun Halloween.