Friday, August 23, 2013

Random stuff

                                   Giant, wild mushroom in our yard, the size of Jack's catchers mit
                                      He wanted me to take a picture of his crazy hair day.
 Finally scrapped Jack's second Christmas. I'm not extremely happy with this page, but I used wrapping paper from his second Christmas, so it is more setimental.
                                         I just had to scrap  this golf cart Christmas photo shoot.
 I finally went back and did the first page of the book, cause I always have trouble with the first page, cause that sets the tone for the whole book.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

crafting with Jack about Jack

I got to hang out with my friend Cass, she drove up for the day, now that school has started back and both are kids are in school we had a whole day to shop and craft.  I tell you, I could get used to that, I think we should try this at least once a month.
So, um, my son will be 7 in a few months and I'm just now getting around to finishing his first scrapbook, but uh, better late than never I guess.  I know that I will never do a month by month milestones book ever again, it was too difficult. I rather scrap fun events than a whole entire month on one page, but I'm doing it and I'm almost done.

 Love this paper, now that I smash book and scrapbook, my smashing stuff has crossed over into the scrapbooking. I love journaling tags and Washi tape. I don't even look at my ribbon anymore. Why ribbon when you can Washi.
 Love the colors on this one, the blue boarder was a gift from Cass and the pretty leaf paper from above was from her too. I love having a crafty friend, and we are both so giving, every time we see each other, she has stuff for me and I have stuff for her.  Even if it's a journal card from a pack that we thought the other person could use or free paint chips in a particular color.
 I love that Jack has been wanting to craft with me. LOL, I have my smash book stuff in my craft room and we have been scrapbooking in the guest room.
 I finally got his first Halloween scrapped.  I spent so much time scrapping his milestones, trying to make them look as boyish as possible, that I got sick of the same colors over and over again.  So, I figure everyone knows he is a boy, what does it matter if I want to put flowers on his page or a doily, right.  So I have started adding my own little girlie embellishments and add-ons here and there.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I think this book will get done this year, oh yes it will.

Trying new things and hanging out with great people.

I found this recipe on Pinterest for gluten free corn dog muffins. I made them and they were delicious, but my husband suggested, cutting up the hot dogs and mixing them in with the batter, also adding shredded cheddar cheese. Gonna have to try that next time.

 Had a dinner party with some great friends. we tried to find some of Jack's toys that were suitable for 15 mo Caroline, hence all his old Thomas the Trains. All three kids played with them.

 I have been working on a fitness scrapbook for a dear friend. They needed me to add two pages to the book for the most recent 5k race, The Garden Spot. So here I am crafting.
                                                     And here is Jack crafting along with me
 This is Emily, she was surprised to say the least. The people at Shogun made her do the Chicken Dance for her birthday, she is protesting in the picture.
                               A fellow fitness friend, Marcia, who is also a Dental Hygienist.
 Girls night after work with my co-worker Ashley, Leslie too, but we took out the camera way after she had left.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Milestones and Records

We had a few milestones this week, I have been training extra hard for a half marathon that I want to run in March, the Dr wants me to start using an inhaler for my asthma before I run, I barely passed the output test. The pharmacy didn't have the prescription ready so I ran without it. Instead of focusing on miles, now I'm trying to focus on time. How far I can get in an hour, hour and a half, 2 hours, etc.  So this wasn't the first time I have ran,walked, jogged for an hour, but I usually have a friend with me and we talk and catch up, so this was the first time I really focused and pushed myself. I ran, jogged the whole first lap around the park (which is 1.25 miles in 14 minutes then I kind of jog walked the other 3 laps. All in all I did 5 miles in 1 hr and 8 min for my first timed hour run. Here are my goofy pictures.  First of all I did this in the evening after work, note to self, much easier to run in the morning, not after eating Mexican food for lunch.

 Another milestone this week, my little man's first day of first grade and there were not any tears, he genuinely seemed excited, he was a little nervous that he wouldn't be able to find his classroom though but he did.

 The first run was Tuesday after work, my second run was Friday morning after I got jack sent off to school. I did my first lap in 12 minutes and 5 miles in an hour and 2 minutes, then I came home and jumped rope, did squats, crunches and pushups, and yes that is Jack's jump rope.

Scrap Happy

Even though I'm not a member of the gym anymore, I still stay in contact with the girls from the fitness group and we do 30 day challenges and run 5k's together and just overall support each other. We all wanted to put together a book for the trainer that got us all together and kept motivated in the first place, and it just so happens that it is her birthday too. We are going to surprise her at dinner with this book.  I only had access to the photos posted on the one website and some cute athletic quotes. I left some journaling tags for the person to write something to Emily.  So this is how I sent the book to the person that orchestrated the whole surprise and she added some more photos and had the book in her car at the gym so everybody can sign it.  I didn't show the first page or last page of the book. The first page I left more like a yearbook page where everyone can sign and write Emily a little something. Then the last page is where Abby was going to put each team members total weight loss, kind of like a Biggest Loser, before and after thing.  So here is my simple fitness 8x8 scrapbook

 I don't know why they are turned I couldn't figure out how to rotate. This page is to show you that even when you are in Belize, you can still workout.
 The page on the right is the me page I did, I even wrote a little on the journal card.
                                                             Another flipped one

                                                            I love this superhero page

I can't wait to see the finished book, tomorrow at Emily's birthday party dinner. I haven't scrapped in ages or made a card, I have just smashed, so as soon as I was done with this book, I organized my craft room and started laying things out that I want to scrap.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

super busy but relaxed about it

We took the kids to a fun night at the drive-in, this is what Uncle Doug was doing when we picked up a few of the kids.

                                             Aiden trying to be scary as if that's possible
                                                               The kids playing before the movie
                                                       while the adults played Yahtzee
                      Jack wanted to watch the sun go down with Mmmy the next evening
 Then I came home from work, and Jason decided to surprise me with a home cooked meal.
I have working on smashbook pages and making a scrapbook for a friend too. Pics to come soon.