Sunday, August 4, 2013

super busy but relaxed about it

We took the kids to a fun night at the drive-in, this is what Uncle Doug was doing when we picked up a few of the kids.

                                             Aiden trying to be scary as if that's possible
                                                               The kids playing before the movie
                                                       while the adults played Yahtzee
                      Jack wanted to watch the sun go down with Mmmy the next evening
 Then I came home from work, and Jason decided to surprise me with a home cooked meal.
I have working on smashbook pages and making a scrapbook for a friend too. Pics to come soon.

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This N That said...

That is just so sweet that he cooked for you like that. My hubbs is like that too. I told him last week that I was craving blackberry cobbler and he stopped at a roadside stand and made it for me when he came home from work. <3 We also have such fond memories of the drive in!!