Saturday, August 10, 2013

Scrap Happy

Even though I'm not a member of the gym anymore, I still stay in contact with the girls from the fitness group and we do 30 day challenges and run 5k's together and just overall support each other. We all wanted to put together a book for the trainer that got us all together and kept motivated in the first place, and it just so happens that it is her birthday too. We are going to surprise her at dinner with this book.  I only had access to the photos posted on the one website and some cute athletic quotes. I left some journaling tags for the person to write something to Emily.  So this is how I sent the book to the person that orchestrated the whole surprise and she added some more photos and had the book in her car at the gym so everybody can sign it.  I didn't show the first page or last page of the book. The first page I left more like a yearbook page where everyone can sign and write Emily a little something. Then the last page is where Abby was going to put each team members total weight loss, kind of like a Biggest Loser, before and after thing.  So here is my simple fitness 8x8 scrapbook

 I don't know why they are turned I couldn't figure out how to rotate. This page is to show you that even when you are in Belize, you can still workout.
 The page on the right is the me page I did, I even wrote a little on the journal card.
                                                             Another flipped one

                                                            I love this superhero page

I can't wait to see the finished book, tomorrow at Emily's birthday party dinner. I haven't scrapped in ages or made a card, I have just smashed, so as soon as I was done with this book, I organized my craft room and started laying things out that I want to scrap.

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This N That said...

I really love some of those layouts! The book is amazing! You did good, mama.