Friday, March 10, 2017

Dr. Seuss week 2017

Well I am saddened because Jack told me this was the last Dr. Seuss week celebration,because he is a big boy and will be in 5th grade next year. We had to make it 4th grade fun for Jack,so we read the Butter Battle Book. Then Jack did a fun Dr. Seuss word search. Then we made butter with a jelly jar,heavy whipping cream and a lot of shaking. We tried the bread butter side up  and butter side down.  We both agree that  bread is better with the butter side up.  We watched a video of how the cream becomes butter when the fat molecules combine together during the shaking. Jack learned what hydraphylic and hydrophobic mean. He also learned about fat solubility. The butter would have been better with a little salt. We then did a fun engineering activity for our 1 hour Dr. Seuss celebration.  In the butter battle book,they launched  things at each over a wall. So we of course learned about simple machines and then we made a catapult out of rubberbands,popsicle sticks and a spoon.  Then we made guesses as to how many centimeters,inches or feet they would go. Then we measured the distances.  We launched stale mini marshmallows.  Our dog Maya was the cleanup crew,she even caught a marshmallow in mid-air. At the end of the celebration Jack said, Well I might want to celebrate Dr Seuss week next year too.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Jesus Prom 2017

I was the chaperone for the two love birds again. Cathy and Kevin both sat in the backseat while I chauffeured them to dinner and then to the prom. I wasn't  even allowed to sit with them at dinner.  They had a friend there on a date too and her Mom wasn't  aloud to sit with them either,so I ate dinner with her. The two shunned chaperones. They had a blast dancing together of course.  They are so sweet together. 

Friday, March 3, 2017

February Happenings

What a blur February has been. The weather has been nice so instead of boring,lazy winter days indoors, we have been busy and outside. Jack went to the homeschool Valentine party at the glow golf place,we made a monster box.  Jason cooked me shrimp stir fry for Valentine's day and bought me flowers. I went to a Zen garden class at the library that week and Jack had young inventors club too. They did a science experiment with baking soda and vinegar and played with robots and marble runs. We played this cheesy game called Speak Out. It was embarrassing, but a lot of fun. We had some friends come over for dinner.  I did science experiments with  the kids,then Paula and I went to a movie while the fellas babysat. At the end of the night I finally got to snuggle with the kids. Then the next day,it was 70 degrees so Jack met some friends at the jump pillow.  It was an unusually warm February and we took full advantage of it.