Saturday, December 31, 2016


 We drove around and looked at lights  on the 23rd instead of on Christmas Eve since it was supposed to rain on  Christmas Eve. We had an awesome Christmas. My Mom  took Jack shopping this year and he picked  out the gifts. He got Dad 2 shirts and me a beautiful Opal, mother and child knecklace.  I cried. It was so sweet. We opened  up  our presents,then went to  Elaine and Jim's for Christmas  brunch then drove to my  Mom's for dirty Santa and games. So much fun. I love how Jack still gets so excited. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas feelings fun

I love hanging out  with Jack. We went to a fun Christmas party. Jack made a gingerbread house,ate pizza and played with friends,and I made crafts.

Then we drove to Opryland  Hotel and watched The  grinch the musical.  Then walked around the hotel and looked at the beautiful lights. We watched the dancing water show and ate dinner too.

One of my sweet patients made me this beautiful embroidered ornament.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Friend party

We had his friend birthday party at the movie theater party room.  We played pokemon bingo, pin the tail on the pikachu,ate pizza,had cake,opened presents, sorted and looked at pokemon cards then watched Moana. Then we went to the library for young inventors club to do what my son loves the most:robots. 

Saturday, December 17, 2016

The boy is 10

We had a super busy weekend as usual. We celebrated Jack's 10th birthday with a family dinner first . He played games with his cousins and had a blast. The next night we hung out and celebrated Aaron's birthday.  Aaron and Jack are 3rd cousins. There were building blocks,basketball and inflatables. I helped out at a craft booth at a Christmas party too.  Then we had craft time and made snowmen out of socks. He protests when I tell him it's craft time,but he always ends up having fun.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Jack and I love doing fun stuff together and when he gets little pieces of paper with things written on them in his advent calendar instead of chocolate or toys,he doesn't fuss about it. He gets excited to do fun stuff with me,and when the calendar said go ice skating with Mom,he screamed. We went shopping,then looked at the pretty lights . then ate a late supper.

     The next day we went to the Christmas parade and the KY museum .  At the museum we saw a magic show ,made ornaments and sampled gingerbread cake. Then we ate lunch at Chili's .  I'm so glad my Mom was able to spend the day with us.

     We decorated our tree after that. The tree is short now because half of the lights are out,so we got rid of that part. It's a little shorter but still holds all of the handmade ornaments and is just perfect for our small family.