Saturday, July 23, 2016


Jack and I went walking at a park we have never been to  before in our town. This town is awesome there are so many trails and parks . We went to two parks and had a lot of luck with pokemon go plus my son walked 3 miles without complaining.  Today we went downtown and visited  the local  college campus to look for pokemon,we ate a light lunch then went to 2 more parks. It was super hot outside but my son didn't complain at all because he was playing this game. The game is kind of strange  and I don't want him to become obsessed with this like he is with Minecraft, but I'm glad a game is getting him more active.
My Mom sent me some pictures of Jack from Fall Creek Falls and we have some awesome pictures of the live  Shark demonstration at the library. It is not easy to get that boy to stay active and I about get worn out trying  to,but I will always try.  I feel like if I didn't try at all,he would become a lazy  couch potato.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Jack sick

My Mom took Jack home with her for a week. She took him on July 4th. They had a lot of fun but it rained everyday so they couldn't swim. Jack was home for a week and we played and did several things together. We caught  up on our TV shows and our summer reading list. Then Jack went to Mom's for a week again. This time the weather was more promising.  Nana took Jack to the Fall Creek Falls Inn for a mini getaway. I think Jack is all swimmed out because they swam everyday. I stayed  busy while he was gone those two weeks. I worked,saw friends, worked out,had date nights with Jason,caught up on shows  and books,typed up and sent the homeschool letter of intent,did some curriculum shopping,took online CE courses for my Dental Hygiene license and spent lots of time with the dog. Jack comes back today and I'm so excited to see him,but I only have 3 days with him because then he will go to sleep away camp for 3 nights. I'm glad he is having adventures,but I sure do miss my boy. Maybe next summer,I will stick to 1 week without him per month not two and a half. During the week that he was home in between the 2 weeks he was gone we spent a lot of time together.  He even worked the concert in the park to sell chik fil a sandwhiches for a fundraiser for the Buddy House to benefit people with Down Syndrome. I think Maya missed  him a lot too,its hard to tell in the photo though. She is always sleeping.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

July 4th

July 4th was awesome despite the rain. When my brother and parents arrived at 3, it was raining. The rain didn't  stop us though,we ate appetizers and made firework crafts. I didn't realize my brother would have been so hungry at 3 o'clock or I would have made more. My parents are on a diet so I tried to make healthy snacks. The appetizers were:mini tacos baked into tostito scoops, pb stuffed celery sticks, cucumber salad, lemonade,and frogs eyes (which is cream cheese spread on ham,role up a pickle and slice). After appetizers we made firework art,then played Uno and The Allowance game. Then there was a break in the rain so we went swimming and right when we got back from swimming to start dinner, it started raining again. So Jason grilled the barbecue chicken in the garage while I set out the salad fixings, watermelon, deviled eggs,baked beans and gluten free heath bar poke cake. Jack was proud of the cake and the lemonade. He made both of them himself with Mom's supervision. We worked on the dinner  while the guests played hillbilly golf in the garage. Then it was summer birthday present time. We celebrate my Mom's, my brothers,Jason's and  my birthdays,then we get something small for Jack and Rhett as a half birthday present so they  aren't left out. Then it got dark while we let our food settle. The rain stopped and it was firework time. We could have done without the rain but at least it didn't rain all day. It was a great day!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Oh July, your weather is temper mental

So,the people who live in the neighborhoods close to us have been setting off fireworks for two weeks and our poor dog Maya hates them. We tried to play with her some but she's  just not herself with all the noise . Hopefully  it will  be over soon. On a happier note, I finally  put my new bedding on my bed and hung all of my art work up. Only one painting made it into the bedroom.  It doesn't  quite match but it matches the most. The rest are hanging in the craft room. We were invited to a July 4th party on the 3rd and luckily the rain held off long enough  for 5 hours of swimming and a little bit of fireworks. It has pretty much rained some every day since we returned from our camping trip.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Still celebrating

It seems like my birthday celebrations just don't  stop. I am thankful for all the food,family,friends and fun. Cathy came over and we had games and food. I took my son and nephew  to the park too.they had a blast feeding the geese.