Thursday, July 21, 2016

Jack sick

My Mom took Jack home with her for a week. She took him on July 4th. They had a lot of fun but it rained everyday so they couldn't swim. Jack was home for a week and we played and did several things together. We caught  up on our TV shows and our summer reading list. Then Jack went to Mom's for a week again. This time the weather was more promising.  Nana took Jack to the Fall Creek Falls Inn for a mini getaway. I think Jack is all swimmed out because they swam everyday. I stayed  busy while he was gone those two weeks. I worked,saw friends, worked out,had date nights with Jason,caught up on shows  and books,typed up and sent the homeschool letter of intent,did some curriculum shopping,took online CE courses for my Dental Hygiene license and spent lots of time with the dog. Jack comes back today and I'm so excited to see him,but I only have 3 days with him because then he will go to sleep away camp for 3 nights. I'm glad he is having adventures,but I sure do miss my boy. Maybe next summer,I will stick to 1 week without him per month not two and a half. During the week that he was home in between the 2 weeks he was gone we spent a lot of time together.  He even worked the concert in the park to sell chik fil a sandwhiches for a fundraiser for the Buddy House to benefit people with Down Syndrome. I think Maya missed  him a lot too,its hard to tell in the photo though. She is always sleeping.

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