Saturday, July 9, 2016

July 4th

July 4th was awesome despite the rain. When my brother and parents arrived at 3, it was raining. The rain didn't  stop us though,we ate appetizers and made firework crafts. I didn't realize my brother would have been so hungry at 3 o'clock or I would have made more. My parents are on a diet so I tried to make healthy snacks. The appetizers were:mini tacos baked into tostito scoops, pb stuffed celery sticks, cucumber salad, lemonade,and frogs eyes (which is cream cheese spread on ham,role up a pickle and slice). After appetizers we made firework art,then played Uno and The Allowance game. Then there was a break in the rain so we went swimming and right when we got back from swimming to start dinner, it started raining again. So Jason grilled the barbecue chicken in the garage while I set out the salad fixings, watermelon, deviled eggs,baked beans and gluten free heath bar poke cake. Jack was proud of the cake and the lemonade. He made both of them himself with Mom's supervision. We worked on the dinner  while the guests played hillbilly golf in the garage. Then it was summer birthday present time. We celebrate my Mom's, my brothers,Jason's and  my birthdays,then we get something small for Jack and Rhett as a half birthday present so they  aren't left out. Then it got dark while we let our food settle. The rain stopped and it was firework time. We could have done without the rain but at least it didn't rain all day. It was a great day!

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