Saturday, July 23, 2016


Jack and I went walking at a park we have never been to  before in our town. This town is awesome there are so many trails and parks . We went to two parks and had a lot of luck with pokemon go plus my son walked 3 miles without complaining.  Today we went downtown and visited  the local  college campus to look for pokemon,we ate a light lunch then went to 2 more parks. It was super hot outside but my son didn't complain at all because he was playing this game. The game is kind of strange  and I don't want him to become obsessed with this like he is with Minecraft, but I'm glad a game is getting him more active.
My Mom sent me some pictures of Jack from Fall Creek Falls and we have some awesome pictures of the live  Shark demonstration at the library. It is not easy to get that boy to stay active and I about get worn out trying  to,but I will always try.  I feel like if I didn't try at all,he would become a lazy  couch potato.

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