Saturday, March 26, 2016

Jewelry class

We had our usual school day and we also finished up our egg experiment.  We are learning  about chemical reactions, osmosis and absorbancy . We finished up our  super cool jello eggs. Jack was really pleased with  how they turned out and they  will look super cute and taste great at the family Easter  party.
    Have I said before , how awesome our library  is? They offer so many cool , fun and free classes, clubs and lectures.  I attended  the jewelry  making class Thursday.  It was so much fun. I think everyone should  get out there and visit their  local libraries.  They are so much more now than just books or newspapers.  They have so many online databases to choose  from too: learn a foreign language , homework and testing help , ACT and GED test prep and so much more. This next week I will be doing  adult yoga and a mixed media art class. Jack will go to after school story time and Minecraft Club.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Eggcelant Wednesday

Just like with  public  school kids , you have to break up the routine and not get bored. So we did a STEM experiment  egg drop with random objects from around the house. Jack  thought  my egg would  break and I thought  his egg would break. Jack's  egg was in a cup in cotton balls and foam and my egg was snug in a cut up drink cozy in a toilet  paper tube affixed to a balloon. Success , neither egg broke. We are awesome engineers.  Haha . We also did some prep work for our jello eggs and our naked egg experiments.  For the jello eggs we had  to make a hole  in the plastic  eggs then cover up the tiny holes  with a glue gun.  Jack was excited  to finally  get to use the glue gun all by himself.  We prepped the eggs with cooking  spray.  We also prepped our naked egg for the  other  experiment which just involved  putting a raw egg in vinegar  and a hard boiled egg in vinegar.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Traveling Tuesday

I'm  off work this week and do all the teaching when I'm  off to give my husband a break but it's  my week off too and I have things I want to do. Thank goodness homeschool is portable.  Jack did about 2 and a half hrs of written work before we headed to Nashville , then did Spanish , Spelling  and Reading in the car on the way. We played and learned at the Adventure Science Center in Nashville  and visited with my Dad and Stepmom. Then he did fractions in the car on the way to see my friend Jen. We were able to see all friends and family that luve in Nashville in one day. We drove home and fell straight to sleep. We were exhausted. Jack  told me that  he wants me to make a fereifluid experiment in a jar with magnets. Now where can I purchase some of that?

Sunny Monday

I am off work for a week. I wish the weather  was nicer but I will take as much sun as I can get. We had recess outside  and when the school day was over. I did my favorite  thing , which is to lay in the hammock with a book. I couldn't  find my bookmark so I had to use Jack's.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Last days at Nana's

What a busy and fun few days. We didn't  know that Jack's  first  day at Archery was going ro coincide with our weekend at Nana's.  It was a long drive but fun. Jack loved it and he is glad that  Nana was able to watch him in Archery.
      Then we had an early Easter celebration and scavenger  hunt. Jack and Uncle  Zach played nerf guns too.
     Our last day we were lazy. We cuddled  with the dogs , made rollerballs with essential oils and bird watched.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Funday Friday

I have been off work so Jack and I headed to Mom's  for 4 days. We are not taking any vacations this year. We are trying  to get some bills payed off. When you don't  have money to spend but you need a break from the dust bunnies  and chores at your  own house , you  head to your mom's. Friday was still a school day. The beauty of homeschool  is you can do it anywhere.  Jack and I got up and did some work on his electronics and workbook pages.  This week in animal science we are learning about birds and in earth science we are learning  about landforms. So after he did all of written work , he went on a bird watching nature walk with my Mom . She loves to birdwatch , so she was the perfect  person to point out birds to Jack. We talked about landforms to since there are a lot of hills and valleys here.
     Mom and Jack did an Easter craft and died eggs with whipped cream , vinegar and food coloring.  It was messy but Jack  was so happy that  it worked. I tried to stay outside as much as possible in the sun because I knew it was going to turn cold Saturday evening.