Sunday, March 20, 2016

Funday Friday

I have been off work so Jack and I headed to Mom's  for 4 days. We are not taking any vacations this year. We are trying  to get some bills payed off. When you don't  have money to spend but you need a break from the dust bunnies  and chores at your  own house , you  head to your mom's. Friday was still a school day. The beauty of homeschool  is you can do it anywhere.  Jack and I got up and did some work on his electronics and workbook pages.  This week in animal science we are learning about birds and in earth science we are learning  about landforms. So after he did all of written work , he went on a bird watching nature walk with my Mom . She loves to birdwatch , so she was the perfect  person to point out birds to Jack. We talked about landforms to since there are a lot of hills and valleys here.
     Mom and Jack did an Easter craft and died eggs with whipped cream , vinegar and food coloring.  It was messy but Jack  was so happy that  it worked. I tried to stay outside as much as possible in the sun because I knew it was going to turn cold Saturday evening.

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