Friday, March 4, 2016


We had yet another  fun Dr Seuss week. The weather was beautiful and sunny on Saturday and Sunday so  I had to take advantage and lay in the Hammock  with Maya and a book. This  has become my favorite thing to do other than coloring and yoga in my down time. 

Wednesday was Dr. Theodore  Seuss Geisel's birthday and we celebrated by ready his biography. I can't  believe how interested Jack was in this book. I read to him for 30 minutes every night and this was the first nonfiction book I have read to him  at bedtime. I will have to sneak  more in. Jack read a different Dr Seuss book every day this week for his reading and then we made Oobleck on Friday. We found an experiment on pinterest to see which objects will  sink or float in the oobleck too. Jack thought this was super cool.

 We had to watch a friend's  2 yr old and 4 yr old Friday for 2 hrs and I know both  kids like Thomas the Train  , so I brought out all of Jack's  old  trains that he hasn't played with in 5 years.  Jack was jealous that they  were playing  with his stuff and he played  with them. This was too funny to watch. 

Then on Saturday I had to do oral cancer screenings at the Franklin  health fair. It was super  busy this year and went by fast. Then I went to the book sale at the library.  I was after the Alex Cross series by James Patterson.  I made a list of the 23 books that are in the series and I found all of them except  4. Score! I like to have a series  at home to read when I'm  waiting on the library books to come in that I have reserved. Then I downed some coffee and we drove to Morgantown to Jack's  friend Nathan's birthday  party . Jack met Nathan and all the kids that were there at the Green River Homeschool Co-op and he just fit in and really hit it off with these kids,especially Nathan. Jack and Nathan have already asked Mandy and I when they can hang out again. The kids played video games and played outside. They had hot dogs that were made on a super cool outdoor grill that  they made. Then they played laser tag , had cake and ice cream and more  video  games. Jack was sad when I said it was time to go,  and he was goung to argue with me , I interrupted him and said , "I have been up since 5:30 am and it is 8 pm and we have a 40 minute drive home . You have played for 4 hours it's time to go". I expected him to argue but he was compliant and fell asleep in the car within 5 minutes.  We had a busy and fun week. We are ready for spring weather.  

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