Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hanging onto Summer as long as possible

I did a mud run obstacle course, again. Did one in July and now one in August (I know it's September, I'm a little behind).  All the funny muddy pics of me were on a different phone.
 I was so proud of Jack for doing the kids run and for not being scared of the dirt. This is the kid that wouldn't help me plant flowers because he didn't want to touch the dirt. LOL

 And he absolutely loved it and wants to do another one. Yay

 He lost a tooth on one of the obstacles, at least it was a baby tooth.

                                                 Then we went to a hot rods game that night.
                                                              Jack loves baseball.
 The Mascots for The Hot Rods are Axil and Roscoe the Greese Monkey
                                                          Fireworks after the game

                              Picture day. So cute in his uniform and what a batting stance.
                                                  The team and wonderful coaches
 The next day I took the dog for a 6 mile jog. LOL we had to stop at my mother-in-laws for some water. Our poor dog Maya is so out of shape, and it was like 73 degrees that day.