Saturday, August 29, 2015

Another week of beautiful weather

The weather has been beautiful  , so we have  busy and taking  advantage of it.  Sunday we went  bowling  then had a mother/son date at Mariahs  and ate outside  on the patio.
     Then  we always have time for science. We watched a Bill Nye the Science guy episode on Friction.  Them we did a science experiment  on friction  with a balloon and CD. Our little hover  craft didn't  take off quite like Bill's  but it did move.
       We had recess at the park with some homeschool friends this week. Then we bowled two games and played put put and Uno. I love being off on Friday's and having fun family  nights.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Science Experiment Saturday

We had time for a quick experiment on testing elasticity and polymers. We thought  for sure the balloon was going  to  pop but it didn't.  We checked  static electricity  and elasticity and then we played keep away from the dog while our breakfast  was cooking. Thanks to my mother  in law for this awesome and easy quice recipe.  Everything  is naturally  gluten free except the ham but luckily Kroger's is awesome  at labeling their meats.
      Now  we are going for a bike ride , a walk , running  errands and a swim.  This weather  is absolutely  beautiful!  Have a bless day.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

An experiment and a field trip

My son loves science  experiments.  It's been hard trying to come up  with new ones that  we haven't  already  done. This time we did the inflate a balloon with vinegar  and baking soda. Our dog Maya  went crazy. Apparently  Maya loved to chase balloons. I caught  Jason riding my bike. He rides around the cul-de-sac and let's the dog chase him for exercise. Our first field trip of the year was at the Baker  Arboretum  and The Downing Museum. We had a great weekend. Lots of walking , bowling, wii games and movie time.  Today Jack and I read a book about Pete The  Cat and the bad banana,  so then of course  Jack wanted to make banana  bread. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Summer had to stop at some time

We had an awesome  last weekend of fun before school started  back. I had a girls night then Jack , my Mom and I had a great weekend at Holiday  World.   Homeschool is awesome.  We had a slow start in his first year but this second year of homeschool  so far has been great.  We even did a science  experiment  the first week. My kid loves Science and I'm  so happy  because I love science. He has Daddy  for the other  subjects , just kidding , I help  out with everything but my homeschool favorites  are historical  field trips , reading  comprehension  , spelling and science.
Um did I mention that  Holiday World has an all gluten free snack shack. It was amazing.  I ate gf pizza , baked pretzel with cheese  and a gf funnel cake . Yay! By the way, that picture of Jack eating , was Jack eating his very first funnel cake.