Monday, August 10, 2015

Summer had to stop at some time

We had an awesome  last weekend of fun before school started  back. I had a girls night then Jack , my Mom and I had a great weekend at Holiday  World.   Homeschool is awesome.  We had a slow start in his first year but this second year of homeschool  so far has been great.  We even did a science  experiment  the first week. My kid loves Science and I'm  so happy  because I love science. He has Daddy  for the other  subjects , just kidding , I help  out with everything but my homeschool favorites  are historical  field trips , reading  comprehension  , spelling and science.
Um did I mention that  Holiday World has an all gluten free snack shack. It was amazing.  I ate gf pizza , baked pretzel with cheese  and a gf funnel cake . Yay! By the way, that picture of Jack eating , was Jack eating his very first funnel cake.

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