Sunday, November 30, 2014


I have never  been this  productive after  Thanksgiving before. I did a lot  of cooking, baking and cleaning as usual  but this year I decorated the house for Christmas , finished my online continuing  education  courses  for my dental  hygiene  license renewal, sealed all the baking soda/corn starch ornaments,played games with Cathy and typed  up Jack's  progress  report.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Gluten Free Thanksgiving Pot Luck

My family has been great at accommodating  my celiac disease and I'm  getting better at turning regular  recipes into gluten free ones. My mother in law got a gluten free turkey and ham and my Mom is making gf stuffing  and a pumpkin pie. My father  in law requested the crock pot  green beans that I  make. The only thing different was I had use gf soy sauce instead of regular. Here is the recipe:
I also made gf cornbread just from a mix and I have never  made a pumpkin roll because it always  looked complicated  but it was actually  easy. I found this gluten free pumpkin roll recipe.  For my all purpose  gf flour , I  used Betty Crocker gf all purpose flour that I found  at Walmart . Here is the recipe.
For some reason it won't let me do links.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I am thankful  for so many things:
My family is amazing
My son and I have so much fun together - I  love relearning  things  through  his eyes , to see the beauty in simple  things like  a pile of leaves or a rainbow. I also love  how we both love  singing  and dancing  and have duet parties. Did I mention  games , this family loves games especially  when we can beat Jason.

I am so thankful for my husband and the decisions  he has made for this family, although sometimes  I may be skeptical  of his decisions they have brought  us closer and made us stronger.  I never thought I would admire him so much. His intelligence always amazes me. Why Google when  you have a Jason , LOL

I'm  thankful  for our dog  Maya because  Jason will never admit this but Maya brings out his softer side. She is a good listener  especially  when I'm  rubbing  her belly. Haha
I'm  thankful for my health more or less, some days are a struggle and my whole body aches,cause auto  immune diseases  suck but I refuse to let it consume me. At least now I have  a cause for all my joint pain , constant  headaches , anemia, several  vitamin  deficiencies, hair loss , depression, dry eye , exhaustion , anxiety etc ,  the list  goes on and on. It's  amazing what Celiac disease causes and Doctors  are still continuing  to discover  more things about  it.
I'm  Thankful for my job. I love What I do , most days. I enjoy where  I work and all my coworkers most of the time  ( hey we are human and we have  bad days and take it out on each other sometimes ) but  we are a team and we have pretty  great team work  and we get it done.

Mostly  I'm  thankful  for a roof over my head , clean  clothes, food , water, electricity.  We as a society overlook things like that and always want the latest technology  and the newest everything. 

I have  always given back  as much as I can and that is what  the Holiday season is all about. So I encourage  people to give back : donate  money ,volunteer at the red cross or soup kitchens , donate canned food to your local  food pantry  or red cross , Angel tree , Toys for Tots , a local  person having  to buy extremely  expensive medicine on a daily basis just to keep their child  alive (donate what you can and spread the word that you know of a family in need),  cook and bring food to shut in's (my Mom does this for each  holiday). I have done all these things. This year I have  donated money to a couple local families  that are in need , gloves and hats to the local  library mitten tree , soon we will be stuffing backpacks for children going to foster care. I'm not finished yet , I'm  just  getting  started.
Remember  what you have in life, slow down and take it in , be kind and courteous. Life is too short to be angry all the time,  so be kind instead, and if there  are people  that are super  mean  and rude and you don't  want to be kind to them , avoid and ignore them as much as possible.  Haha I hope I remember  that last statement  when all the family  is together  for the holidays.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Ugh Christmas shopping yuck

So I'm not worried about what to get for my son for Christmas but my husband is hard to shop for and I have a hard time making the dirty santa gifts kid friendly too. I finally figured it out with my husband. I got him a movie  he wanted , tickets to a comedy show  and a gift certificate  for a one hour massage.  I finally  have found  dirty Santa gifts that  everyone  wil love. One gift is a DVD  , candy and popcorn. Another gift is chips , salsa , queso dip , a dice game I got  for 80%off last year and a 3.00 fleece blanket.
The weather  was beautiful  today to be in late  November.  It was sunny and in the 60 's. I took the dog for a walk and I  read some of my book outside. Jason and Jack practiced  baseball. I love this beautiful  weather.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Science and Recess

Jack loves science experiments.  The library has a DVD of experiments.  The DVD tells you what you will need for each experiment and the science and explanations behind the experiment. After our lessons today ,we picked an experiment to do.  Jack wanted the color changing milk experiment. 
you will need:
A plastic plate
Food coloring
Milk ,preferably whole milk but we just had 1% and it worked just fine
Q tip
Dishwashing soap.  It called for dawn but we just had palm olive and it worked just fine.

Pour milk in plastic container ,then drop different colors of food coloring onto milk in different places. Dip one end of Q tip into dish soap ,don't glob it on , wipe off excess , then touch the soap dipped end into milk and watch the milk move and the colors mix around.  Jack was fascinated by this. It works because the soap is meant to cut out grease and fat, so the soap cuts the fat which makes it look like the milk is moving away from the soap. 
Then we went to the once a month Homeschool PE group.  Jack got to try Pickel ball today and he really liked it.

Fall camping trip

We had our annual Halloween camping trip to Jelly stone park campground.  They have so many activities fir children.  We love it there. We did it all: the hayride ,singing songs ,bounce pillow ,put put golf ,arcade games, playing on the playground ,candy bar bingo ,painting pumpkins ,hanging with friends by the camp fire and of course trick or treating.  This place is awesome.  We have a tent and we like to tent camp but it always turns cold this time of year, so we get a cabin.