Friday, November 7, 2014

Science and Recess

Jack loves science experiments.  The library has a DVD of experiments.  The DVD tells you what you will need for each experiment and the science and explanations behind the experiment. After our lessons today ,we picked an experiment to do.  Jack wanted the color changing milk experiment. 
you will need:
A plastic plate
Food coloring
Milk ,preferably whole milk but we just had 1% and it worked just fine
Q tip
Dishwashing soap.  It called for dawn but we just had palm olive and it worked just fine.

Pour milk in plastic container ,then drop different colors of food coloring onto milk in different places. Dip one end of Q tip into dish soap ,don't glob it on , wipe off excess , then touch the soap dipped end into milk and watch the milk move and the colors mix around.  Jack was fascinated by this. It works because the soap is meant to cut out grease and fat, so the soap cuts the fat which makes it look like the milk is moving away from the soap. 
Then we went to the once a month Homeschool PE group.  Jack got to try Pickel ball today and he really liked it.

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