Thursday, November 27, 2014

Gluten Free Thanksgiving Pot Luck

My family has been great at accommodating  my celiac disease and I'm  getting better at turning regular  recipes into gluten free ones. My mother in law got a gluten free turkey and ham and my Mom is making gf stuffing  and a pumpkin pie. My father  in law requested the crock pot  green beans that I  make. The only thing different was I had use gf soy sauce instead of regular. Here is the recipe:
I also made gf cornbread just from a mix and I have never  made a pumpkin roll because it always  looked complicated  but it was actually  easy. I found this gluten free pumpkin roll recipe.  For my all purpose  gf flour , I  used Betty Crocker gf all purpose flour that I found  at Walmart . Here is the recipe.
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