Thursday, December 19, 2013

Picture heavy

What's not to love, an inflatable 5k and obstacle course race, which was so much fun. everybody dressed in weird costumes
 Like that gut. yes that happened and fyi in the back he was wearing a thong
 We decided to go a nature walk/ scavenger hunt
 Beautiful sunset
 Our list. we couldn't find a bunny, seriously we live next to farmland and a lot of trees and we could not find a bunny

 Jack's first 100 yrd kids dash. Cubby, the center for courageous kids Lion
 Run, dude, run!!!
 Monster Truck, posing with Reagan
 Awe it's Axl, the Hot Rods mascot
 His medal
 I love him so much and I love how he encourages me and is proud of me for being fit and active and wants to be "superhuman" like his Mama. His words, not mine
 He was so proud of his chocolate cake he won. I won one too, but since I have celiac disease, I gave mine to this boy that was sitting across from me that wanted a cake sooooo bad.
 My beautiful walk on my lunch break from work. I have been walking in the neighborhoods close to where I work on my lunch break.

 End of baseball party with the team
 He just had to wear his Owlz shirt

We had a busy summer and fall

The annual Buddy Walk with my new friends Aiden and Cyndi

 Lunar 5 k, cause why not jump over tree stumps with glow in the dark paint on them
 Jack said he doesn't want daddy and Grandpa to cut his hair anymore, he has Angie
 Little Turkey, gobble gobble
 It's fall in KY, that means it's like 90 degrees outside, lets go to the park

 I cannot sit still, I am on the swings

 One cool dude
 Random from, running the track, before Jack's baseball game

It's been a while

The next few photos are just accountability photos of how hard I workout to still be a little over weight. Grrr I have learned to accept that I will never be skinny and that is ok because I will be fit. Do not underestimate me for being a little overweight because I have a lot of fight in me.

 Our annual strange but fun and exciting anniversary trip. Last yr we did a historical trip to Nashville, this yr the urban bourbon trail in Louisville, KY, cause, you know, why not.
 Just kidding, haha, I can't eat gluten

 We recognized him from the Drinking made Easy tv show, making our mint julip. Not my favorite, btw
 This one is my favorite, don't remember the name though, did I mention we had to walk around a 5 mile radius and drink 6 drinks and get 6 stamps in a passport to get our free shirts and we completed it btw.

 There was a free concert going on, and he was taking in the lights and listening to the music. I absolutely love this picture, it says so much to me
 The beautiful Brown Hotel

 Don't remember the name of this house in old downtown Louisville (did I mention all the bourbon), but it was supposedly haunted.