Thursday, March 24, 2016

Eggcelant Wednesday

Just like with  public  school kids , you have to break up the routine and not get bored. So we did a STEM experiment  egg drop with random objects from around the house. Jack  thought  my egg would  break and I thought  his egg would break. Jack's  egg was in a cup in cotton balls and foam and my egg was snug in a cut up drink cozy in a toilet  paper tube affixed to a balloon. Success , neither egg broke. We are awesome engineers.  Haha . We also did some prep work for our jello eggs and our naked egg experiments.  For the jello eggs we had  to make a hole  in the plastic  eggs then cover up the tiny holes  with a glue gun.  Jack was excited  to finally  get to use the glue gun all by himself.  We prepped the eggs with cooking  spray.  We also prepped our naked egg for the  other  experiment which just involved  putting a raw egg in vinegar  and a hard boiled egg in vinegar.

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