Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Traveling Tuesday

I'm  off work this week and do all the teaching when I'm  off to give my husband a break but it's  my week off too and I have things I want to do. Thank goodness homeschool is portable.  Jack did about 2 and a half hrs of written work before we headed to Nashville , then did Spanish , Spelling  and Reading in the car on the way. We played and learned at the Adventure Science Center in Nashville  and visited with my Dad and Stepmom. Then he did fractions in the car on the way to see my friend Jen. We were able to see all friends and family that luve in Nashville in one day. We drove home and fell straight to sleep. We were exhausted. Jack  told me that  he wants me to make a fereifluid experiment in a jar with magnets. Now where can I purchase some of that?

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