Sunday, August 18, 2013

Trying new things and hanging out with great people.

I found this recipe on Pinterest for gluten free corn dog muffins. I made them and they were delicious, but my husband suggested, cutting up the hot dogs and mixing them in with the batter, also adding shredded cheddar cheese. Gonna have to try that next time.

 Had a dinner party with some great friends. we tried to find some of Jack's toys that were suitable for 15 mo Caroline, hence all his old Thomas the Trains. All three kids played with them.

 I have been working on a fitness scrapbook for a dear friend. They needed me to add two pages to the book for the most recent 5k race, The Garden Spot. So here I am crafting.
                                                     And here is Jack crafting along with me
 This is Emily, she was surprised to say the least. The people at Shogun made her do the Chicken Dance for her birthday, she is protesting in the picture.
                               A fellow fitness friend, Marcia, who is also a Dental Hygienist.
 Girls night after work with my co-worker Ashley, Leslie too, but we took out the camera way after she had left.

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