Saturday, December 12, 2015

Fun day Friday

Thursday Grandma took Jack out to breakfast  and got him a Minecraft  poster.  I had my office Christmas  party and got a beautiful  angel candle holder which Jack thought  was for him and he even picked out the place he wanted to put it. Then my coworker Amy, who always remembers  Jack brought  him  a Lego set which he loved  and immediately  put together.
Friday we still had school even though we had a lot of errands  to run. That's  the beauty  of homeschool :workbook pages , educational  apps ,quizzing  spelling  words and times tables while driving.  One of the errands included picking out his free birthday  treat at the Barnes and Noble cafe. Then he picked out his own birthday  cake. We went to Toys r Us where he got a balloon and spent his gift card and 3.00 free card from Geoffrey ' s birthday  club. After the all the errands and our school day was over , we played Jack's  new video game while the dog went after the balloon. She either loves them or hates them, we haven't  decided.  I cuddled and calmed her down. The weather has been beautiful and 73 degrees.

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