Saturday, May 30, 2015

Wrapping up 2nd grade

My son's  garden that he planted had daisies  starting  to come up.  The next day they were  gone. I don't  know if it's the bunnies, moles or squirrels. Grr

True to form Jack begged for some science experiments on his  last day of school. We did the hard boiled egg being sucked into  a bottle experiment.  It happened so quick that  I didn't  get a picture of it actually  happening.  We made an egg float  with salt and he wanted  to make the lava lamp too.
I had printed up some cute  awards  for  his last day too. Jack received  the super  scientist award  and the history  buff award.  Those  are his favorite subjects.  He enjoys geography  and math as well. He had a baseball  game then on to Chaney's  Dairy Barn for ice cream  and a movie.  Then my niece, Cynthia graduated from high school.

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