Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Snow fun and play dates

What an awesome week. It went from 12 inches of snow one Friday and 68 degrees and sunny the following Friday. For some reason when I'm  snowed  in my house I cook. I baked blue berry muffins from scratch, steak and sweet potato  fries , chili  taco soup ,pancakes and sausage, snow cream and barbecue  chicken. I had to get back to work so I wouldn't  keep eating so much.
      There was a fun painting class during Jack's  Minecraft club at the library. I'm  not an artist but I had fun trying  to recreate the painting that  the librarian had finished.  Bonus: Jack loved my artwork and wanted to hang it up as soon as it dried.  Thursday  Jack did a cool stop motion class at the young inventors  club at the library. He made a clay snowman  stop motion video.  Have I mentioned  how much I love our library.  They have so many free online databases for learning , we are using one to teach Jack Spanish. They have free dowloadable books ,magazines  and music too not to mention books , dvd's  and cd's to check out.

Then the following  Friday, the snow had melted  amd ot was sunny and in the high 60's. We eent on a homeschool field trip to a Ralphie's  fun center.  We bowled , skated , bounced, played time freak , laser tag and putt putt  golf. Jack got to play with some cool homeschool friends and I had a ball helping kids learn to skate , beating the kids at time freak and bowling with the Mom's. 

The last picture shows  how worn out I amand how much Maya missed me.

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