Friday, June 5, 2015

Week off from work

I had a week off from work because my bosses were on vacation. What do u do when you want to take your son to do fun stuff and you want to give your  husband a break from your son and you don't  have a lot of money. Well you go to your Mom's  house and explore cool things to do for free where she lives. We headed to Burgess falls  first then cummins falls which was not planned but we saw the  signs for it on the way back to her house.  The next day we went to Defeated creek swim beach to scout camping sites for the end of the month.  We narrowed it down to two sites that  we liked and let  Jack choose  between the two. He picked the one away from the lake and closest to the playground  and bathhouse.  Shocker!

I finished up my week off from work by taking him to the summer reading  kick off , swimming with cousins , 2 baseball tournament games and Beech Bend. Today is Sunday , I go back to work tomorrow  and I am doing  absolutely  nothing. Well , I put all the laundry up and did dishes ,  but now nothing but reading and relaxing  for the rest of the day. 

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