Saturday, June 20, 2015

Father's Day and crafts

With  father's  day coming up and wanting to keep  Jack from electronics as much as possible this summer , we had a whole craft day.  We tried the bic or sharpie marker baked coffee mug. It was pretty easy. Got a cheap mug at Dollar tree decorated  it with stickers  then Jack colored the mug with markers , we let it dry then pulled the stickers off. We baked it at 350 for 30 minutes. It turned  out pretty cute and Jack did it all himself. Some of my favorite  gifts I have ever  received  have been made by Jack.
We printed  off a Dad questionaire thay we found on pinterest , then he colored some pages from the library.  Then  we finished his present with  Dad's  favorite  snack  , ranch flavored sunflower seeds.
Jack and I also worked on our July 4th shirts with this dye kit that we got at Dollar tree too. The shirts  looked awesome  until they were washed. All the blue came out but the red was still there. They kind of look bloody now. Well you win some and lose some from the dollar tree ,  I guess. I think we will try the permanent  marker and alcohol method to try and fix them with blue firework bursts. A perfect end to a perfect day. We curled up on the hammock with  the citronella  tiki torch lit and read a while then Jack wanted to hear my funny camping  stories from childhood ,  since we are going camping  soon.

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