Sunday, January 17, 2010

a visit and a couple of cards

Jack had a little playdate with cousin Gracie, they played squiggly worms, handy man, and Dr, also Jack tried his first piece of gum and of course he swallowed it.  Baby Lucy was just a smiles and giggles.  Jack got invited to his first classmates birthday party, the party is for twin girls, so I had to make a couple of cards.  These are cute but simple 10 minute cards.Then you have to wait for the stickles to dry, but the actual cards take 10 minutes.


Sanwanya said...

very cute cards..i cant wait to get monkey into preschool and do birthday parties!!Looks like Jack had fun with his playdate!Have a wonderful Sunday Heather

This N That said...

What a fun play date, and how cute is Lucy?? Love the cards! So yummy!!!