Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Heart Day

Valentine's day was pretty good. I was able to get a massage ,then volunteer at my sons school for 5 hrs , I got to help out with his party at school , we made a yummy dinner and had a family game night at home. I even found some gluten free boxed chocolates.   We played Just Dance ,Wheel Of Fortune and the game of Life.   My sister in law came over too. Seeing my husband and his siblings in the same room is funny , I always thought I was competitive but boy do they hate to lose , it is quite comical.   I posted 2 photos. One of my fellas at Opryland a month ago cause it's the most recent photo I have of them together and one of my sons bag he decorated for his v-day party.  It is supposed to be a raccoon but we think it looks like a fox. Thank you Pinterest!

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