Saturday, February 7, 2015

Neighborhood gross out

It is a beautiful 60 degrees and sunny compared  to the below 30's and windy that it has been. We adopted our wonderful  dog Maya 2 years  ago (they thought she was 2 already) so we celebrated her 4th birthday today. She had her shots this morning. To make up for the shots she received  bacon , a new bone  and a new ball oh my.  We played outside  with  the new ball for a while then we went on a 1 mile walk  through  the neighborhood . I was a little disturbed  by what I saw.  On our walk we found  2 pairs of used and dirty underwear , a pair of socks ,  a shirt , a pair of pants and several empty beer cans and Gatorade  bottles.  I was a little  scared and kept expecting to see naked and intoxicated  people  running  around , but it never happened. Lol. I bet there is a wild story there.

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