Friday, October 7, 2016

Fun with friends at Jackson's Orchard

Cathy spent the night and Jason made yummy potato  soup,plus we had a fun bonfire .Cathy and I worked on Math and speech the next day then we went out. It was perfect weather to meet up with Jen,Geoff and baby Izzy at Jackson's  Orchard. Cathy,Jack and I had a blast. Cathy is usually a little scared to try different things but she is not a quitter and I was so proud of her when her first horse was too big for her to climb up and she didn't  give up,she waited for a shorter horse  and climbed up like a champ. I'm  a little scared sometimes too. I wanted to hold the baby pig so bad. It squealed and scared me but I finally  manned up and picked it up. So cute

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