Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Petting Zoo and a card

So, this last Saturday, Jack and his friend Ethan went to the petting zoo at Snodgrass Vet Clinic.  There was a bouncy house, face painting, balloons, and lots of animals.  Jack was in an aweful grumpy mood that day and wanted to be carried the whole time, and my back just couldn't take it, so fortunately Mandie had an extra umbrella stroller in her car.  I dropped my camera and it shattered.  I have had this camera for 5 years, got it on Black Friday for only $60.00, it was my first ever digital camera, and it was definately easy to use, but you couldn't take good up-close pics. So, as kind of a last minute Mother's Day present, I got to order a new camera.  I ordered a Cannon powershot from, it was on sale for Mother's Day.  Well it came today and I got the chance to tinker with and use it tonight.  WOW, you can actually see detail on the card and the pic is not blurry.  I am soooo loving my new camera.

The first pic is of Jack and Ethan at the petting zoo (doesn't Jack look huge in that tiny umbrella stroller) and the other pics are of the card I made for a chalenge in the CCC on cafemom

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