Friday, April 30, 2010

Fun at Monkey Joe's

We had a playdate in TN today with Cass and Noah! Jack and Noah played nonstop (well we had to make them stop and rest)

He never just slid down on his bottom, he always turned sideways.

Even though we never actually turned the vehicles on, they enjoyed just sitting in them.

he's a super climber

Cass and I had the chance (barely) to make some really simple but cute cards.
This is Cass's card.

This is my card for a cafemommer that just had a baby boy, Congrats Lizzie!


This N That said...

and tons of fun was had by all!

Carol said...

Looks like they had fun! My kids love the bouncy place too!!

Cute cards tooo!

ivy said...

how fun that you & cass met up again and they boys played so well!
you know those bounce houses....they are a workout! ever try climbing up to the top of those slides?!