Saturday, April 24, 2010


Sorry I haven't been on in a while, been extremely busy.  A few weeks ago Cass and Noah came up and we worked on scrapbook pages, I was determined to get caught up on scrapbooking and not spend all my crafting time just on cards.  I made 2, 2 page layouts, I will hopefully post some pics later today.  I plan on working on a few cards later for cafemom and hopefully start on another scrapbook page.  The weather had been so nice that I didn't want to keep Jack inside just so I could craft (that would be pretty selfish), so we have spent most of the weekends out and about, earth day fest, parks, library, hanging with friends, swimming, walking.  There is rain and thunderstorms in the forecast today, so we won't be outside, hopefully I will have time to craft haha.

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Sanwanya said...

Hey girl im right there with ya and totally understand.being cooped up all winter is hard on the little ones i havent crafted in forever beside one challenge for ccc anyways enjoy the nice weather and with your lil man!!