Sunday, February 6, 2011

Great Weekend!

Had a great weekend, went to Nashville and ate Mexican for dinner (can't remember the name of the place), then Jason and I went to a Rock concert, the next day we ate breakfast at Loveless Cafe (Jason was watching the travel channel and it was voted one of the top ten places to eat breakfast in the country, the food was awesome).  We drove home, met my Mom to pick Jack up and Jack gave me some presents he made for me at Nana's house.  He picked out all the buttons and made 2 button bracelets.  I actually had time to make a card, then we cuddled up on the couch and watched some movie with talking dogs in it from the library.  Then Sunday we had a birthday party to go to at the local roller skating rink.  Jack has only been on roller skates once and he cried, so I didn't know exactly how this was gonna go, but he did great and went around the rink 3 time.  Now we are playing around with Jack's football watching the Superbowl.  Here are pictures of the bracelets and the card that I made.
A picture of Jack at the birthday party after he stuffed his face with cake and ice cream.

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