Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One Year Weight Loss Anniversary!

So, it was a year ago today that I decided to do something about my weight, so I started working out every day or mostly every day and doing portion control.  If the portion size was half a cup of ice cream, then I would measure it out.  So a year later and I have lost a total of 73 pounds.  I am still currently losing weight, it has just slowed down a lot.  I lose like a half a pound a month now, but I will take it.  I am going to share some pictures at different intervals throughout the weight loss.  I am 5 foot 6 and a half inches tall, I started out weighing 220 pounds and I currently weigh 147 pounds.

Size 20:
 Size 18:

 Size 16:
Size 14:
Size 12:

Size 10:

And now the bikini shot, now I don't normally where a bikini, unless I am at a beach where I don't know anybody or at a friends house, but Jason loved it. I still have a lot of toning to do, and everything doesn't just bounce right back after having a child, but I am proud of my body now. 


Sanwanya said...

I just ate my last ice-cream sandwich lol you are such great inspiration.You look amazing and work so hard!Thank you for sharing with us all.Hugs girl!

This N That said...

I can't believe all of your hard work! It has really paid off! I am so proud of you! I wouldn't be caught dead in a bikini anymore! Congratulations!!! SO PROUD!

NormaJean said...

OMG!! Heather you look GREAT!!! Congrats on the weight loss...
Hugs Norma

Angie said...

OH WOW GIRLFRIEND!!! You look MARVELOUS!!! So proud of you and you are a great inspiration to follow!! Ok, now I just crossed off my cookies on my grocery list..LOL! Thanks for sharing with us!!! keep us updated, love to hear!!

Toothy said...

Thanks everyone! Angie, don't deprive yourself, if you want cookies, eat them, you just gotta eat the portion size or a little less. I haven't given up any of the foods that I love, I have just eaten smaller portions.