Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Summer Lovin

Those of you that have known me my whole life, also know that I used to hate summer (especially driving my college clunker car with no air-heat or reverse), I would get hot super easily and I was out of shape and I would sweat just going to get the mail at the mailbox.  I would practically stay inside all summer unless I knew someone with a pool.  Then Jack came along and I forced myself outside in the summer time for him, but I just wasn't having any fun. Now that I'm in shape and my asthma hardly bothers me anymore and I don't get hot (stay cold all the time now), I LOVE SUMMER! Here are just a few things I am looking forward too this summer:
hearing about Jack's adventures at VBS
second Saturday street fair
The Farmer's market
Eating Watermelon
watering my petunias every day
concerts in the park
new plays/shows at SKY PAC
taking Jack to the Zoo and the Science museum
Hot Rods baseball games
hopefully getting to go to Beach Bend this summer
put put golf
vacation to Florida
after dinner walks with Jack
group family birthday/July 4th party - it's tradition now since everybody in my family has a summer b-day    
(except for Jack) I through a birthday/July 4th party at my house to celebrate all of our birthdays at one party and Jack's half birthday
golf cart rides
picking honey suckle
Jack catching woolly worms and naming them
catching lightening bugs
eating ice cream
grilling out
play dates with Jack's friends and their Moms
watching the rest of Jack's pee wee baseball games
Blowing bubbles with Jack
eating fresh summer berries
trying to get Daddy off the computer and to turn the tv off and go outside more , cause I love watching him play baseball with Jack
and hopefully throwing in some craft time

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This N That said...

wowza!!! What a list! Makin me look bad, now! lol I hope to get to see you some this summer HUGS