Friday, August 24, 2012

Garage workout

I had a funny conversation with my Mom a few weeks ago. We were chatting on facebook and I told her I had to get off the computer and go do my garage workout, which is where I have to go if Jack and Jason are asleep cause then I can jump and they won't hear me.  It was 10:00 at night and I caught the workout bug.  She asked me what I could possibly do in the garage for a workout, and here is my response, all I had was 10 pound free weights, a yoga mat and a chair, you really don't need fancy equipment, and this workout took me about an hour and 20 minutes.  When I blast dance music in my ears sometimes I have to force myself to end the workout cause I'm just feeling the music. This is my response to my Mom: "You wanted to know what I do in the garage, well I ended up going in the storage room - too hot in garage. Blast dance music on ipod: do 20 minutes of cardio: cheesy 80's dancing, running in place, kickboxing, criss cross kicks, jumping jacks, kick butt kicks, kick forward/jump run, kick backs, pretend jump rope, mountain climbers, tire jumps, sumo wrestler, burpies, suicide drills, football runs. That is just the cardio then I do 10 different things with free weights, I do tri-cep dips with a chair, lunges, squats, side kicks, leg lifts, plie kicks, 10 different ab exercises , different leg exercises on my knees, then a little more cardio then my cool down. What I did tonight burned 760 calories.


This N That said...

Wow, you put my workout to shame. ::hangs head::

Toothy said...

I wish you lived closer, and we could workout together. We will do something this summer. I don't think we got together at all last summer. Boo