Saturday, August 4, 2012

HELP, teacher gift ideas for a man

So for the past three years Jack has had female, teachers, teaching assistants and speech therapist. Now he has a male Kindergarten teacher, and I am so used to coming up with cute ideas for the woman.  I have a few that could work for both male and female.  The smores gift basket, the movie gift basket, the coffee set. but I am kind of at a loss for anything else. I like to give lots of gifts throughout the year, cause lets face it they have my child for about 37 hours a week they deserve presents.  His new teacher drives over an hour every day to get to his job.  I always like to give a pretty big gift at Christmas time. Here is my idea tell me what you think:
A personalized tote box or small storage bin with kind of like a car emergency kit in it
Here are things I would give him if you think this is a good idea, otherwise I am at a loss
Tide to go pen - for spilling things on clothes - we have all spilled coffee on the way to work, right
lint roller
gas card
travel coffee mug
flash light or maybe a flash light key chain
snacks (cause his only meal all day is cafeteria food)
ice scraper

I can't think of anything else, ideas Please, need feedback


shehbaz michael said...

I would like to say that you ideas about send gifts to teacher were informative. do you got some more ideas to suggest?

Toothy said...

the female teachers are easy for me I was just having trouble with a male gift. I'll do themes, like spa, coffee, baking, driving, movies, kitchen, beauty. Sometimes I just give whatever I can throw together quickly. For instance for the female teaching assistant, I gave her instant coffee, a travel mug, chapstick, gum, lotion, high-lighters, paper clips, pencils, post-it-notes, snacks and a gift card for Target.

This N That said...

GREAT question. Oh, man. Noah might have a male teacher next year, so I need to get on it!