Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Breeze

It has been an awesome summer. I have succeeded in getting Jack outside as much as possible and taking him to do lots of fun, mostly free things. I swear I had like a 2 week long birthday celebration. The older I get the more stuff we just happen to do around my birthday which is awesome.  I come back from a vacation and then host my first Bunco night which was successful.
 This is my fitness accountability photo, I think we ran almost 4 miles the day of or after Bunco
 I'm at it again, I workout daily.  I have to keep it fun cause I get bored easily with fitness.
                                                           At the Fallout Boy concert

                                                                      Training hard
 My family has this annual summer birthday bash/July 4th party and I got crafty this year and made Jack this rocket stuffed with goodies from a toilet paper roll
                                 I had the pleasure of babysitting miss Caroling and Lily and their sis Reagan
                                                               Miss Lily
                                                  I think Maya missed me when I was gone
 Went on a girls night to dinner and a movie and yes I ate the whole thing, it was so yummy, had to run extra hard the next day, it was worth it.
                                                     Birthday flowers from my Dad
                                                    Great weather for a picnic in the park
                                                            Jack loves playing in this fountain
                                                Beautiful view from my shady reading spot
                                    The BG Gauntlet Mud Run and obstacle course race
                                                            Little man helping me stretch
 video of one of the obstacles, the shirtless man that ran through it, puts us to shame.
                                                                 mud crawl under barbed wire

                                             The after picture, we are all a little out of breathe
                                           and just 5 days after the mud race, we ran a 5k


This N That said...

You are seriously amazing. I couldn't mentally do all that you do! Love the idea of a Rocket stuffed with goodies. I might have to do that next year.

Toothy said...

Awe thanks, Cass!